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This is an amazing story about God’s love and forgiveness. I fell in love with the characters in the beginning, and the story was so interesting I couldn’t put it down. I read it in one sitting! I had to find out what happened to this hurting couple. Ms. Meyer clearly weaves the Christian message into the lives of her characters. Characters that are away from God, hurting, lonely and have no hope for their future at all, let alone together.

But God had other plans for their life. Plans to give them hope and a future and as the story unfolds, you will experience the love, grace and forgiveness of our Heavenly Father. It wasn’t an easy road for Karen or Barry; there were a lot of rejections, disappointments, hurts, and everything else that goes with a relationship gone bad, but the ending will amaze you. I highly recommend that you grab a copy of Where Hope Starts and read it today. You will receive a wonderful blessing reading this story.

Reviewer: Joy Hannabas

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Grace Awards


Grace awards Finalist Badge 2013

What the judges had to say: Jobless, her marriage all but ended, Karen Marino returns home to her family seeking refuge and reconciliation with her dying mother. In WHERE HOPE STARTS, Angela D. Meyer tackles a lot of issues including alcoholism, pornography, and anger. Karen must decide whether to try and save her marriage to a troubled man or return to a former love who waits for her with open arms. There are positive notes as her family prays for her and their love eventually leads her back to the place where she can believe again. But the road is not easy. In the meantime, her husband is fighting his own battles against addictions and loss. The judges found ourselves cheering him on. We wanted him to make it.

The inspiring message of love and hope rings through the book with the characters leaning on God’s grace to sustain them in difficult times.


The author pulled us in to this story with her opening scene, and as the story progressed with many twists and turns along the way we wondered whether these two would ever reconcile. In this story, as in life, sometimes you hit rock bottom, and that’s the place where hope starts.

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